Our Club

Why Choose West Chester Golf & Country Club?

  • Cost: We offer a wide variety of membership plans for individuals and families, and at the lowest prices in the region. One of our plans is certain to meet your needs, at a cost you can afford.
  • Location: We are located in the heart of Chester County, just blocks from downtown West Chester, so we serve as a perfect meeting place for our members and their guests. We are convenient to countless businesses and neighborhoods.
  • Convenience: Our members enjoy a private club experience with service hours that will fit into your busy schedules. Worth noting:
    • No Tee Time Reservations Required! Our members never have to worry about making tee time reservations ... just come and play, and our Pro Shop staff will see you off in good order.

    • Getting Around the Course in less time! One of the benefits of a 9-hole course is the unique flexibility it offers our members to either play their full 18 holes or to opt for a less time-consuming 9-hole round. We know that on some days you may just want to play 9 holes because it fits into your schedule more easily ... and you'll find that you can usually play 9 holes here in about 90 minutes, making for the perfect way to unwind after work, or even before the work day begins. So, for those who worry that golf 'takes too much time', our course is perfect.

    • Great Dining Options! Our clubhouse is open for lunch and/or dinner six days a week, and is perfect for anyone seeking relief from the crowds and parking constraints in town. Members can dine in our private dining room, our lively pub, or even dine poolside at the club Pool, which features a full menu and bar.


West Chester Golf & Country Club enjoys a rich history dating back to our founding in 1897, making this one of the most historic and well respected clubs in the region. Over all these many years, we have remained a member-owned club that strives to provide our members with the finest country club experience in the region. Over the years the club has evolved, always in ways that have increased the value of the club for our members, many of whom participate actively on our Board of Governors and various supportive committees. For over a century, we have provided our members with a full service club, at a value that is unbeatable by any other club in Chester County.


What makes West Chester Golf & Country Club truly special is the warmth and friendliness of our members. Whether golfing, playing tennis, visiting our Pool facility, or dining in our clubhouse, you will find you are a member of a club where smiles, laughter and lasting friendships are the order of the day. Our remarkable staff will be greeting you by name in no time, and you'll be welcomed into a new community of friends of all ages.